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This is the homepage for Hell Bent. A full 32 map MegaWad for Doom II, which I'm currently developing. I'll post updates on the progress of project along with occasional screenprints and downloads but mainly I'll be using it as a means to store my work in progress safely.


Maps 1 - 7 are done. Map 8 - I have no idea for except it's called Brain Damage, will probably have a similar theme to map seven (The Lung), a fair few arachnatrons and perhaps damaging floors? Ideas on a postcard please.

What I do know is that the map will be sketched this time. It saves time in the long run.

Have a look at the gallery or blog to find out how close to completion Hell Bent is or road test the levels yourself in the download section. For the latter option be sure to download the resource file 'hellbent' as it holds the textures, flats, sprites etc.

 See the feedback page if you want to pass comment.

About Hell Bent

Hell Bent is a 32 level MegaWad for Doom II that runs using the source port ZDoom. The finished project will include custom textures, monsters and music. I'm currently debating on adding a new weapon and power up.

The idea is to make small fun maps with a focus on variations on gameplay rather than detail and visual tricks.

I'm only using ZDoom for the DECORATE/MAPINFO lumps, extended line-special options and limit removal. Otherwise I'm trying to keep to the original feeling of the game (no slopes, scripts or partical fountains).

Every Doom author should make a MegaWad. Hell Bent will be mine.